A band based in Los Angeles, CA

Silverlake Lounge on the 6th, Jam in the Van yesterday, and a show at the Central in Santa Monica on the 13th. These past few weeks have been filled with new song writing, driving, and copious amounts of food.

Silverlake was a blizzzaaaast. We at first weren’t allowed in at all (being that we are under 21) but Conrad charmed the socks off the girl working the door and so we got our own kiddie table that had to be in eyesight of the bouncer. The underage drink tickets for water and sodas were off tha HOOK. CRISP WATER. Regardless, we got on stage at 11 and played the fastest version of “Hollow” in the history of ever. Sweat was present and so was sommadat yeeeee.

Jam in the Van…was the isssh. The guys and gals that put it on and film it are hilarious and we made some intros to the videos that were absolutely ridiculous. Can’t wait to share them with everyone. I (Dan) freestyled on one, but it was the one take we effed up on so I’m not sure my flow will ever surface (no Rocafella record deal for me). Now back at home gearing up for the show on the 13th, it’s going to be a big one!

  • 10 July 2011
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